About Us

Oil Mist Collectors, Electrostatic Precipitators, Dust Collectors, Welding Fume Extractors, Manufacturer, Pune, Maharashtra, India


We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the largest Manufacturer, Supplier of Mist, Dust, fume and smoke filtration unit. We are manufacturing the mentioned products at our plant in Pune.

Our products are used as accessories on CNC machines tools, component cleaning machine and as separate air pollution control equipment with welding machine & dry dust operation. SPAN FILTRATION SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. was formed in 1998 as a joint venture between Span Associates ( Manufacturer, Supplier of coolant filtration system for last 33 years ) and Filtermist International U.K, after a long and fruitful relationship with Filtermist, became a fully owned Indian Company on the purchase of the U.K shareholding in 2011. The strong relationship with Filtermist continues with Span Filtermist as the distributor for the Indian Sub-continent.

Filtermist units have a 40 years pedigree with over 1,00,000 units in operation worldwide. At Span Filtermist, Pune we have manufactured more than 10,000 units which are working in various industries all over India.
Span Filtermist is a name reckoned with confidence and belief in the field of air filtration. We provide a solution for metalworking environments / machine-shop floor pollution. Our solutions are based on modern techniques blended with 25 years experience in this field.
The area we specialized in is oil / coolant Mist filtration, welding / quenching / hobbing smoke filtration and dust separation. This is done by proven method such as centrifugal separation, electrostatic filtration and various types of Media filters.




Advanced Application Engineering
Every application and its working environment is unique. SFS has highly evolved methodology that captures all aspects of your industrial processes and maps every detail required to create a high performance filtration solution. Our advanced application engineering provides a performance guarantee like none other and assured benefits that are sustained year after year.

Benchmark In Clean Air
Everything at SFS - from on site analysis, design of filter systems, Manfufacturing to training, Installation and commissioning, is done with a relentiess focus on ensuring only the highest performance. The result is often experienced as an immediate, drastic changes in air quality of your working environment with better health and higher productivity of employees.

Cut Hidden Costs, Get Hygienic Work Place & Healthier Workers With Clean Air

Clean air has several economic benefits. While dust, mist or smoke are unavoidable outcomes of manufacturing processes, the irreversible damage these pollutants cause to your equipment and work environment is absolutely avoidable. By returning the clean air to your work environment the Air filtration solutions from SFS help you to en-cash the benefits in many ways:


Clean Air Solutions

SFS embodies highly unique capabilities to build the best clean air solution for your applications. With a strong focus on innovation, SFS is especially recognized for engineering solutions that are highly customized for your needs, and thus deliver exceptional results.

Clean, Pure Air, Made Cost-Effective

All SFS solutions are designed for optimum energy consumption without any compromise on the quality of clean air. Highest energy efficiency is at the core of every step - from system design to parts selection. SFS is one of the very few companies, globally, to offer air filtration solutions based on four distinct principles that include :


Centrifugal Separation


Electrostatic Filtration


Media Filtration


Scrubbing Filtration


Cut Cleaning Bills


Decrease Electrical Maintenance


Increase Machine Speeds without pollution


Minimize Fire Hazards


Prevent Respiratory Coolants


Reclaim Expensive Coolants


Reduce Accident Risks